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Expression Learning Centre

Expression is one of the top academic centers in the Middle East, providing best English, Education, Business and other professional courses to many seeking aspirants. We are an ESOL examinations approved center for General English & Business English as well as an ETS authorized center for TOEFL IBT. We are proud with our affiliation with Direct English-Language Phone Group, a world renowned training courses provider with over 100 years of experience and presence in over 90 countries.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophical approach is highly practical and straight forward; we offer unbeatable flexibility and value for money in providing learning solutions. This is to ensure that each and every trainee is treated with equal respect and sincerity. We place higher values on our trainees’ needs.

Our Mission

A top-quality leading solution provider in the field of English language, management, business, soft skills, communication, and interpersonal organizational training with the best built-in training methodology.


Our Course

Direct English

Direct English from Linguaphone Group is an internationally recognized English language course which Expression has exclusive rights to. It involves 9 levels that begin from a basic level all the way to highly advanced level.

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We are a dedicated team with over 100 years in professional experience. We provide the best English, Education and Business courses, all under one roof.

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