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English Business Communication Course

Whether you are already working or about to enter todays workplace, one of the fastest ways to ensure your career success is to develop excellent communication skills, and if your communication skills are top notch, they can be your ticket to long term career and success. Interpersonal skills are also integral and essential part of business and this is why the business communication program is divided into two parts; Part A Part B. Both parts cover various training topics that are extremely relevant to modern organizations’ employment and career progress.


  • Providing an overall understanding of the value of education and especially communication skills in relation to trainees’ success in today’s changing workplace.
  • Enhancement and understanding the process of successful communication.
  • Increase the level of proficiency among trainees in relation to their job performance and understanding the importance of effective customer services.
  • Development of critical thinking skills
  • Significant improvement in verbal and non-verbal communication at workplace.
  • Proper usage of language in business communication.
  • Understanding the real forces behind healthy working environment.
  • Understanding team work, self-awareness, customer service, career development, emotional intelligence, stress management, and time management; trainees would obtain the necessary skills in order to continuously progress and perform well.

Who would take this course?

This course is appropriate for business students, organizations with interest in career development, and managers.

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