Time Management Course

Conceptualization of time management into proper context with emphasis compartmentalization of tasks and duties. Objectives: The program helps trainees understand and analyze time usage on regular basis, and how it is very easy to use the most efficient techniques to utilize time, and increase the level of awareness of current habits and attitudes that shape […]

ESP (Learn English for Specific Purpose)

English language is known for its in-depth in contents and scope. It became the international language in various fields, the need to have an excellent command of its technical aspects has become of a paramount significance for everyone who wishes to develop his/her career and educational background. We currently offer the following training programs: English […]

English Business Communication Course

Whether you are already working or about to enter todays workplace, one of the fastest ways to ensure your career success is to develop excellent communication skills, and if your communication skills are top notch, they can be your ticket to long term career and success. Interpersonal skills are also integral and essential part of […]

EBM (Learn English for Business Management) Course

This training program has been primarily designed to provide the very basic tools needed to build a fully integrated business program. Contents are conceptualized to help trainees better understand the key concepts in organizations structure, management, business, human resources, team management, marketing, stress management, career planning, and creative thinking. The course emphasizes the usage of […]

French Language Course

It entails basics for beginners and a revision for those who wish to practice their French speaking, reading and writing skills.   Course Objective: The objective of this course is to develop an apt understanding of the French Language. Where the student can comprehend and communicate verbally as well as in written form. Who is […]

Arabic Language Course

We have designed this course for beginners who want to learn Arabic and for those who want to brush up on Arabic reading, writing and speaking skills. Course Objective: To develop the student’s ability to comprehend and communicate effectively in verbal and written Arabic.  Who is it for? This course is specifically designed for Non-Arabic […]

English Business Writing Course

This is an advanced level course designed to assess and meet needs of various levels of employee/employer Business writing proficiency. This course trains individuals in the application of business writing knowledge and monitors and iterates processes to improve their proficiency. Course Objective: Identify and draft professional emails Understanding the concept and format of Memorandums Learning […]

Kids English Course in Doha

Expression offers Kids English Course in Doha Qatar. A course designed for kids to enhance their attention span, class engagement, and learning capabilities in class. This is a regularly held course, with carefully designed activities to increase the cognitive capabilities of children and to create a strong relationship between teacher and student.   Course Objective: […]

SAT Prep Course

SAT is an international examination mostly required by Universities all over the world as a pre-requisite to admissions. Course Objective The objective of this course is to measure and enhance the ability to reason among students so the potentially best SAT examination score can be achieved. A high level of exam strategies and techniques are […]

Expression Direct | Improve English Communication

Expression Direct is an uplifting course for an organization’s employees which focuses on business methodologies. A full consultation and review is provided to the corporation in the first stage, where specific needs requirements are identified. This includes an extensive research so all weaknesses can be analyzed. A well-designed and copy-write program is then used to […]