GRE Test Prep Course

GRE is a computer-adaptive test which focuses on three sections. Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative section and a Verbal Section. This test is mainly required by Institutions and Universities in USA. Course Objective: To rehearse and develop expertise in GRE’s three sections. Essentially developing the trainee’s skills in verbal, quantitative and analytical reasoning.   Who is […]

BULAT English Preparation Course

English Advanced

Expression is an authorized center for BULAT. BULAT is an English testing examination system by the famous Cambridge University. We provide BULAT’s preparation in six parts. Starter, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advance level.   Course Objective: The course is designed to provide fast and flexible learning to accurately assess and develop proper English language […]

IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS in Doha Qatar

Expression is Registered IELTS Testing Center IELTS course is designed to give the trainee a complete and comprehensive learning experience and English language ability. It is a total preparatory and readiness English course. It particularly and equally focuses on four all four facets of English. Reading, writing, reading ,speaking and listening. It is measured with […]

English Foundation Course


This course is specifically designed to create a strong base and foundation in English language. The focus is on the accuracy and fluency of the language for the trainee. From the very first day of the course, the trainee would be encouraged to express freely in whatever capacity of English he/she is familiar with. This […]

General English Course

Time to Learn English

This course is designed to grasp the English level at various levels. It focuses on cognition of the trainee as well with explicit forms and meaning. The trainees are taken aboard as partners in learning where they themselves observe and confirm their own progress. At the conclusion of each class, trainee is given or encouraged […]

Direct English Course

Direct English from Linguaphone Group is an internationally recognized English language course which Expression has exclusive rights to. It involves 9 levels that begin from a basic level all the way to highly advanced level. The course is available at flexible times so trainees can choose their own time for their classes. Its training methodology is developed by the famous Louis Alexander who is a prominent figure in ESL training developments. Where real life situations are exposed to the trainees to ease their subconscious and increase their need to communicate in English.

Course Objective:
To develop the student’s ability to comprehend, understand and effectively interact in the English Language.

Benefits of this Course
o Flexible Class Timing
o Internationally tested and acknowledged system of English learning
o Highly interactive sessions based on real life scenarios
o Exceptionally strong for building self-confidence
o Sessions are entertaining and absorbs attention immediately
o An abundance of interesting teaching material and speech lab resources
o Visible and quick results in language improvements
o Is highly detailed in comprehension of language skills in terms of usage and display
Who is it for?
This course is for those people who are enthusiastic about English and can relatedly join at any level from 1 to 9. It is best suited for those looking for high level of proficiency in English