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The IELTS course has been designed in a way in which we provide totality preparation and readiness. It is an appropriate resource for students who wish to improve their skills and strategies and for those who are seeking to enter an English-speaking university, school, or college , as well as for people who may need to provide an IELTS score for the purposes of immigration to an English-speaking country.


• Familiarity with test taking techniques

• Building up reading skills, which involve reading, understanding, analyzing and using rationality in deducing results from logical passages

• Enhance effective listening skills and increase the pace by which trainees can acquire and process a whole sum of information instantaneously

• Mastering necessary skills required in writing, listening, reading, and speaking

This course should be taken by:

• Individuals planning to study at universities where the medium of instruction Is English and IELTS score is required

• Individuals applying for immigrant visas

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