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Expression, an authorized TOEFL testing center from ETS International, offers an intensive TOEFL preparatory course, where abundant and opulent training schemes, strategies, techniques, practice exam are enthusiastically introduced in a vast pool of testing experience, which enhances skills in students and breaks the peculiarity of the TOEFL test.


• Familiarize trainees with English language skills, academic skills, and

test-taking strategies to pass the iBT TOEFL Test, based on the most up-to-date

information available on iBT.

• Provide a safe bridge among trainees in various educational institutions and other


• Stimulate self-confidence among trainees in terms of speaking and writing.

• Built up reading skills, which involves reading, understanding, analyzing, and using

rationality in deducing results from logical passages.

• Enhance effective listening skills and increase the pace by which trainees can

acquire and process a whole sum of information instantaneously.

• Enhance grammatical skills which are evaluated within speaking and writing.

•Additional emphasis is placed on fundamentals of academic writing.

Who should take this course?

• Students planning to study at a higher education institution

• Students who wish to develop their academic skills

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