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Basic Level

  • Understanding of English alphabet and numbers           
  • Asking basic questions; numbers, time etc.
  • Using basic English when meeting people for the first time
  • Talking about job, describing company and daily routine

  • Coping with difficult languages
  • Writing simple emails
  • Using the internet
  • Asking and giving directions
  • Taking about home
  • Describing current events and actions

  • Arranging meetings
  • Discussing future arrangements
  • Talking about past events
  • Exchanging information, making phone calls and talking about weather
  • Making comparisons and choices
  • Understanding of countable and uncountable nouns

  • Making plans
  • Understanding of English grammar and tenses
  • Extensive verbal and written language practice

Beginner Level

  • Taking about responsibilities, business activities at Beginner stage.
  • Discussing work in progress.

  • Taking about interests and personal projects.
  • Making and understanding comparisons.

  • Discussing past actions; talking about weekends and holidays.
  • Making arrangements, offers and suggestions.

  • Confirming arrangements and using present tenses as future.
  • Making predictions and discussing future plans
  • Using First conditional
  • Understanding Present Perfect

  • Understanding the difference in use between Present Perfect and Past Simple
  • Using time phrases with Present Perfect

  • Understanding business news.
  • Discussing ideas using second conditionals
  • Making decisions using should and have to
  • Using prepositions and describing places.
  • Using time clauses
  • Understanding and using reported speech

Intermediate Level

  • Work environment and routine; job titles, names of companies and departments.
  • Describing equipment, processes and procedures at intermediate level.

  • Distribution and delivery
  • Advertising and marketing

  • Making business and personal arrangements
  • Business accommodations, hotels and describing facilities

  • Developing contacts and business networking
  • Cultural issues in business and describing gifts

  • Teamwork , team-building and describing achievements
  • Entertaining clients, ways of describing food and restaurants

  • Company finances, describing figures, trends.
  • Describing graphs and charts

  • Investments, stocks and shares
  • Job applications, writing CVs and describing application procedures
  • Recruitment and employment

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