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The Business Writing course is designed particularly for advanced level trainees. Areas of focus vary considerably and are often re-designed to match trainees’ level of proficiency.

 The course concept involves high quality in training, application of knowledge, and constant monitoring of progress. Trainees mostly notice rapid development within a short period of time and this is mainly due to the intensive assignments and constant support provided by trainers.  


  • Familiarization with principles of writing

  • Ability to identify and write professional e-mails

  • Understanding the contents and format of memorandums

  • Ability to write letters of inquiry

  • Ability to write effective letters of placing an order

  • Ability to write letters of complaints

  • developing the right skills to use phrases in business writing

  • Understanding commonly used business terminology

  • Ability to write and format reports

  • Ability to write and format proposals

 Who should take this course:

  •  Individuals who are engaged in business correspondence in modern organizations.

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